Ignorance of other sports than cricket

Ignorance that isn’t bliss

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Cricket Vs Other Games in India

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Don’t compare the two brilliant sports both has its good and bad I come from India and I am a cricket fanatic but I love football ecoleducorset-entrenous.com both the sports keep an ‘&’ in between rather than a ‘V’.

10 Reasons why Football is better than Cricket. Neil Jones 5 August, Best of SL, but the weak comparisons you make elsewhere only shows off your complete ignorance of cricket, a sport filled to the rafters with everything you decry it hasn’t even got!

cricket on the other handed id say is the most easiest sport ever (any fool. Whether or not some agree, cricket is the king of Indian sports, a Sachin Tendulkar having more devotees in hamlets than a Rajpal Singh in the biggest of cities.

Cricket is what most kids want to play. Sports, apart from cricket, are not considered to be career options.

By treating other sports as serious career options and by focusing more on physical development and training as part of the school/college curriculum, this mindset of Indian parents can undergo a major change.

IPl is not responsible for creating ignorance for other sports but BCCI is responsible for marketing the sports and cashing in on the new concept of T on lines of the English Premier League.

IPL is not merely about cricket it about holistic ent. Even the country’s sports ministry chose India’s national hockey stadium, named after Major Dhyan Chand – India’s greatest ever sportsperson and the greatest hockey player of all-time, to screen the .

Ignorance of other sports than cricket
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