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Electronic Journal of Sociology (1999)

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Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate

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The logic of Talbott's universalism " Consider the following inconsistent set of propositions: God's redemptive love extends to all human sinners equally in the sense that he sincerely wills or desires the redemption of each one of them. Jan 01,  · After being slightly disappointed that Rob Bell's "Love Wins" did not in fact present an argument for Universalism, I looked up this book and it definitely had what I was looking for - an intense theological debate looking at all the reasons why it is or isn't /5.

So, in the end, Talbott suggests that universalism is no more unbiblical than the two “orthodox” salvation theologies, Calvinism and Arminianism. That is, every position turns its back on some portion of the biblical witness. Thus compared, universalism is no different and, thus, no more unbiblical.

Universalism, Calvinism, and Arminianism By Tom Talbott (homepage), Professor, Department of Philosophy -Willamette University When I first began interpreting the New Testament along universalist lines, I was struck by how many regarded such an interpretation as not only mistaken, but utterly unreasonable and heretical as well.

Talcott Parsons () was an American sociologist who served on the faculty of Harvard University from to Parsons was one of the most influential structural functionalists of the.

Universalism in Romans 9–11?

Posted by: (Tom Talbott) Eric, I can only conclude that you are responding to posts without reading them. I mean, I suggest that we assume that universalism is false, and I pose a question within the context of that assumption.

Talbotts universalism essay
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